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Grant Heating is a rapidly growing company specialising in the sustainable and forward thinking technology of Heat Pump Systems, which can be applied utilising the ground, air or water as the source of heat. 
Heat pumps are the most efficient heating and cooling technology available for buildings, and complete efficiency is achieved by our supplying the associated heat emitter systems, e.g. radiators and underfloor. 


Air Source Heat Pump Installation Company

Air Source Heat Pump Peterborough

We pride ourselves in fantastic Customer Service at Grant Heating, and our clients recommend our services to friends family and colleagues.

We work with leading manufacturers to source high quality equipment.

We are responsible for all elements of the systems : from commissioning and design through to installation and servicing of the systems by our own team of skilled team of engineers, and follow up system support.

Heat Pump Company Peterborough
  • All of our engineers are fully trained & qualified

  • Only equipment installed from the market leaders

  • Residential and commercial installations

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